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Cord Shiflet is a guy who gets stuff done and has a blast doing it.

Ep. 72: MOVE PEOPLE to Hydration

Calder Hendrickson is turning sand into gold.

Ep. 71: MOVE PEOPLE from Resentment to Contentment

If you're struggling to find joy in your calling, Move People Podcast founder, Andrew Barlow, has some thoughts for you to ponder.

Ep. 70: MOVE PEOPLE the Last Mile

John Esparza is a soft-spoken family man who wants your family to be safe on the highway.

Ep. 68: MOVE PEOPLE to Cooperation

There is a more responsible, meaningful way to eat and Dan Gillotte can show you how. Just visit him at the Wheatsville Co-Op.

Ep. 67: MOVE PEOPLE to Bravery

Kimberly Davis is a force of nature with a clear vision for your life...that's right, your life. Listen up.

Ep. 66: MOVE PEOPLE with Leadership

John Graham was born to lead and his career, from the Navy to the high tech world, is proof of leadership's power

Ep. 65: MOVE PEOPLE with Twang

Redd Volkaert is all about the music

Ep. 64: MOVE PEOPLE to Affordability

Ellen Troxclair may be an outlier on the Austin City Council, but she's making headway in the fight for affordability.

Ep. 63: MOVE PEOPLE to Conscious Consumerism

Jaclyn Dowdle can help you dress better...and more ethically.

Ep. 62: MOVE PEOPLE to Protect Others

Kristi Schiller is on a mission to make communities & schools safer, and she wants you to join her.

Ep. 61: MOVE PEOPLE to Understanding

As the Irish Consul General in Texas and the Southwest, Adrian Farrell is devoted to building bridges of mutual understanding.

Ep. 60: MOVE PEOPLE with Nutrition

Anneliese Tanner knows the power of nutrition to fuel academic performance

Ep. 59: MOVE PEOPLE with Technology

Austin may be a tech-hub, but Barbary Brunner is working to make it significant.

Ep. 58: MOVE PEOPLE to Clarity

Julie Schell not only knows where to find your answer (in your heart and mind), she will skillfully extract it for you.

Ep. 57: MOVE PEOPLE with Authenticity

Marsha Milam comes from a long line of independent thinkers who work tirelessly for something just a little better.

Ep. 56: MOVE PEOPLE By Design

Doreen Lorenzo lives at the intersection of design theory and empathy

Ep. 55: MOVE PEOPLE through Crisis

Jeff Hunt is the guy to know when it hits the fan

Ep. 54: MOVE PEOPLE to Consensus

Not sure what to expect from the Texas Legislature's special session? David White has insights.

Ep. 53: MOVE PEOPLE from Poverty

Sara Ramirez & her team are tackling poverty in Central Texas and you can help.

Ep. 52: MOVE PEOPLE to Freedom

Toby Nunn has seen the price of freedom up close and its impact on the military members who secure it.

Ep. 51: MOVE PEOPLE to Water

Sarah Evans is empowering impoverished communities with water

Ep. 50: MOVE PEOPLE to Fitness

Baker Harrell had a turning point moment as an 11-year-old boy that set him on a trajectory of life change, first for himself, and now for thousands of Texans.

Ep. 49: MOVE PEOPLE with Persistence

Daron Roberts will outwork you, then coach you to succeed.

Ep. 48: MOVE PEOPLE with Whiskey

Dan Garrison has the recipe for happiness and he's cooking some up for you right now...

Ep. 47: MOVE PEOPLE Into Homes

Phyllis Snodgrass is helping transform families across Central Texas with the the responsibility home ownership.

Ep. 46: MOVE PEOPLE Beyond Limits

Inspired by her family to strive, Rep. Ina Minjarez now works to empower Texas families.

Ep . 45: MOVE PEOPLE to Family

Caroline Boudreaux thought she had everything until she met a child who had she helps orphans around the world.

Ep. 44: MOVE PEOPLE with Values

Hearing him talk, it's easy to understand why SailPoint CEO Mark McClain's employees like him so much.

Ep. 43: MOVE PEOPLE Outdoors

Carter Smith knows life's better outdoors

Ep. 42: MOVE PEOPLE with Stories

Alan Berg is a storyteller with a vision...

Ep. 41: MOVE PEOPLE with Numbers

Comptroller Glenn Hegar is a small government conservative with a knack for numbers...

Ep. 40: Move People with the Truth

Chris Tomlinson has seen too much to tell anything but the truth...

Ep. 39: Move People with Coaching

Paul Carrozza believes you're an athlete...

Ep. 38: Move People from Poverty

Scott Lambie and the African Children's Choir are pulling kids out of poverty one song at a time.

Ep. 37: Move People with Pixie Dust

Elves are generally happy, but Elf X has a bone to pick with Santa

Ep. 36: Move People with Presents

Leading a toy manufacturing concern with a global distribution network is no easy task. Enjoy leadership lessons from Santa.

Ep. 35: Move People with Inspiration

Josh Jones-Dilworth doesn't have time to walk the beaten path - he'd rather get his clients to the top as quickly as possible.

Ep. 34: Move People with Endurance

Rooting for the Cubs taught Ken Milani to persevere

Ep. 33: Move People to Crush Mediocrity

Rene Banglesdorf is taking off

Ep. 32: Move People to World Change

Brent Phillips is rescuing AIDS orphans in Africa

Ep. 31: Move People to National Defense

A chat with Navy Master Chief Bill Houlihan, Leader

Ep. 30: Move People to Wholeness

Vinaigrette's Erin Wade wants you to love food.

Ep. 29: Move People with Strength

Get to know ND OL turned entrepreneur John Merandi

Ep. 28: Move People to Authenticity

Tim Hayden wants you to connect better

Ep. 27: Move People Texas Style

Vince Friedewald is transforming retail

Ep. 26: Move People to Benefits

Texas Veterans have a friend in Matt Elledge

Ep. 25: Move People to Connection

A conversation with Notre Dame legend Reggie Brooks

Ep. 24: Move People with Water

A Conversation with Phil Wilson

Ep. 23: Move People with Customer Service

A Conversation with Steve Simmons, Crema Grande

Ep. 22: Move People with Energy

Christi Craddick has her priorities straight

Ep. 21: Move People with Spirits

Jeff Peace is a Texas distiller with a story to tell

Ep. 20: Move People a Little Faster

A Chat with Austin Mayor Steve Adler

Ep. 19: Move People to Conservatism

A Conversation with Peggy Venable

Ep. 18: Move People to Excellence

A conversation with JHL's Jennifer Stevens

Ep. 17: Move People with Beer

Brewmaster Brian "Swifty" Peters of the ABGB

Ep. 16: Move People with Music

ACL's Tom Gimbel is living his dream

Ep. 15: Move People with Collaboration

Brian Schoenbaum is providing creative space for entrepreneurs

Ep. 14: Move People with Passion

A Conversation with Eric Silverstein of the Peached Tortilla

Ep. 13: Move People by Example

A Conversation with Ray Heilmann, Mentor and Lifelong Learner

Ep. 12: Move People to Engagement

A Conversation with Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune

Ep. 11: Move People with Stories

A Conversation with Gary Goldhammer, Master Storyteller

Ep. 10: Move People Across Cultures

A conversation with tech executive Larry Smith

Ep. 9: Move People into Community

Alan Graham is transforming perceptions of homelessness

Ep. 8: Move People with Words

A Conversation with Speechwriting Guru David Murray

Ep. 7: Move People to Texas

Rick Perry moves people all the Texas

Ep. 6: Move People with Compassion

Bringing Justice and Healing to Abused Children

Ep. 5: Move People with the Truth

A Conversation with Susan Combs, former Texas Comptroller of Accounts

Ep. 4: Move People in Print

A conversation with John Garrett, Publisher & Founder of Community Impact Newspaper

Ep. 3: Move People with a Pinch Gesture

A conversation with Ute Baldwin, Founder of Plum

Ep. 2: Move People to Healing

A Conversation with Todd Steward of St. David's South Austin Medical Center

40 Year Decision: One of Joe Moore's Boys

Shaped by a set of legendary ND coaches, Mike Rosenthal is teaching a new generation of athletes.

Ep. 1: Move People with Speeches

Creative Leaders Communicating for Change