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Conversations with leaders for leaders.


An ongoing conversation with leaders about what shaped them, what drives them and what legacy they want to leave behind.

Andrew Barlow has spent his career quietly helping leaders sound their best. Leaders ranging from Navy battlegroup commanders and bank presidents to hospital CEOs and the top elected officials have benefited from his unmatched writing talent, intuitive communications skills and dry sense of humor.

This podcast was created to give leaders a forum for their insights, experiences and values, shared to inform and inspire others at any point on the leadership continuum.

Whether they lead companies, government agencies, universities or non-profit organizations, these men and women have learned the value of casting a clear vision and doing what it takes to MOVE PEOPLE.

We hope you'll make these conversations a part of your weekly podcast diet as you work to MOVE PEOPLE as well.

We hope you find these conversations encouraging to you as you figure out how to bring people along with you on your journey.

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It features conversations with leaders across the spectrum of business, art, education and government. Pick a topic and dive in.